Meal Planning – vegan & palm oil free

The shock that I couldn’t naturally make it through one meal without palm oil sneaking in has made me question what I will eat in January. Just grabbing my regular foods is easily going to catch me out so meal planning has be my weapon of success. Continue reading Meal Planning – vegan & palm oil free


Who’s helping me help them?

I don’t think I will get through a month of completely palm-oil free living without the inspiration and guidance of some awesome vegan people and palm-oil awareness websites.

So who is educating me and helping me to help the orang-utans (and elephants, rhinoceros & tigers)? Continue reading Who’s helping me help them?

My day on trial – was it palm oil free?

So if today had been January 1st, day one of Orangutanuary, how would I have fared eating Palm oil free?

Breakfast: Green Smoothie (kale, banana, apple, orange, Alpro Simply Plain yoghurt, flaxseed, chia seeds, spiruluna, crunchy peanut butter).Alpro+Yofu+Simply+Plain+500g+UK_Alpro+Yofu+Simply+Plain+500g+UK2_316x618

Palm Oil Free? Continue reading My day on trial – was it palm oil free?