Another January Challenge

Here we go again. Someone else with a grand idea for how to exploit our New Year, New Me resolute minds. So what is it this time? Do they want money?

No. No money. Just your hearts and minds. And a moment’s pause when filling your shopping trolley.


OK, so for me, New Year’s Resolutions have never been that successful. But I’m not sure how motivated I’ve really ever been. And they’ve only ever been about me. So if I failed? Big deal.

This year will be different.

In 2014 I gave birth to an amazing human being and I realised I have an enormous responsibility to guide her into a compassionate life, to live and act respectfully and sensitively to the world around her. And to make sure there is a world worth inheriting! But at the time I was gorging on meat, dairy, eggs, consuming products in our home and on my body that tortured defenceless animals and half-heartedly tossing a few dirty cans in the recycling.

In 2015, inspired by a friend on Facebook, I took the Vegan Society’s 30 day pledge. And it stuck. Big time. With eyes, heart and mind finally wide open I realised there was no going back and Veganism was for us.

It’s been a fascinating and heart-breaking learning experience. And every day is most definitely a school day! My newest realisation was that Palm Oil, an ingredient estimated to be in 50% of the products in an average UK supermarket shopping basket, and a vast amount of ‘vegan’ foods, is cruel! It’s destroying the habitat of many precious creatures, one of which is the beloved Orangutan.

So in looking for what my personal New Year challenge would be, I decided to cut out Palm Oil altogether. No sustainable oil, no organic oil. Let’s see how I fare in discovering a cruelty-free way of living without Palm Oil.

Will you join me?

If people can make a big deal out of giving up alcohol, or chocolate, or heading to the gym, can we simply look at the ingredients lists on our shopping and avoid Palm Oil?




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