Meal Planning – vegan & palm oil free

The shock that I couldn’t naturally make it through one meal without palm oil sneaking in has made me question what I will eat in January. Just grabbing my regular foods is easily going to catch me out so meal planning has be my weapon of success.

My first challenge will be the New Year’s Day visit for dinner with my omnivore family. Mum is great at cooking our roast potatoes and vegetables separate from their meat, but I’m going to have to check what cooking oil she’s using. Way to make myself even more popular!

I always take our main course with us anyway and it’s generally a nut roast of some variety. For Day One of Orangutanuary the honour goes to Fry’s Soy & Quinoa Country Roast.

I must remember to take it out of the freezer tomorrow as frustratingly it has to be fully defrosted before cooking. On the plus side, it should last me for dinner on Day Two as well.

Dessert will be harder. If Mum makes a fruit crumble or pie I know the plant-based spread she uses contains palm oil. The ice cream they have in stock, Swedish Glace vanilla dessert, also contains palm oil. I’m going to buy a few Alpro dessert pots, as the vanilla, chocolate and caramel styles all appear to be palm oil free. Their dairy-free custard is too.

So the plan for Day One:

Some kind of magical hangover cure smoothie!

(likely combined with breakfast based on the time I plan on getting up!)

Quinoa Roast and Vegetables.

Alpro dessert pot and fruit

Looks good. I think we’ll be OK with that. Only 30 more days to crack. And my skincare, hair care, home cleaning…



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