Happy 1st of Orangutanuary!

Happy New Year! Happy new you (if that’s what your goal is). Happy 1st of Orangutanuary, Veganuary and January 2016!

So how did my first day palm oil free go?

Getting ready:

I got in the shower and realised I’d replaced none of my palm oil products, so water it was! Hair went up in a bun and coconut oil went on my skin.

Deodorant was my new creation today, and I made an all natural substitute from coconut oil, baking soda, cornflour and lavender essential oil. I got the recipe from the WellnessMama blog here.

I’ve not small glass jars so a little espresso cup will be my dispenser! I’ll let you know how I get on with it over the month ahead.


Breakfast went to plan, with a super green fruity smoothie. I’ve saved half for tomorrow so that’s an easy one less meal to think about. It was made of banana, strawberry, pineapple and mango, with flaxseed, brazil nuts and spirulina. I admit it’s quite hard to get your head around something so green going down the hatch but it surprises you how tasty it is! Normally the green is from leafy greens, like spinach or kale, but I need to stock up.

I also grilled some aubergine in miso paste and olive oil ready for tea and ended up snacking on half. So yummy! I’d bought the aubergine on discount for just 40p so fresh veg really can be cheap if you’re eating it straight away.


A late lunch/early dinner at my parent’s house wasn’t a good deal for palm oil free though. Main course was Fry’s Soy and Quinoa Country Roast which is moist, delicious, vegan and palm oil free. It is expensive though, selling on Goodness Direct for nearly £6. I had one left from Vegfest London where we picked them up for a pound each – bargain! I had about 200g which is 24g protein, 330 kcal and 2.8g saturated fat.

However I completely went on autopilot and poured on the Bisto Gravy (red tub) which although suitable for vegans is made with palm oil. First fail!

Despite my original intentions to advise Mum not to make a pie with her vegetable spread, she’d already made the pastry when I popped by and I hadn’t the heart to say her efforts had been wasted. My parents are trying hard to support my vegan diet, even though they really don’t understand it. So apple and blackberry pie it was for dessert. I did remember to take some Alpro custard which appears to be palm oil free, although they’re yet to 100% confirm this.


I had a salad tea to finish off the day, and tried hard to complete a rainbow on my plate. Red peppers and tomatoes, orange roasted aubergine dip, yellow sweetcorn, green leaves and artichokes, and purple miso aubergine. I added houmous (hummus?) and chilli sunflower seeds. Definitely all palm oil free here.


Around the home:

We’re using Waitrose Essential dishwasher tablets which are clearly marked suitable for vegans. There’s no mention of a palm oil ingredient on the packaging, but I’m going to have to email them to make sure. They really are a great value, well performing cruelty-free choice. (We’d previously tried The Co-operative’s own brand tablets and they left glasses cloudy and started damaging cutlery.)

We use The Co-operative washing up liquid, clearly marked as suitable for vegans, and featuring the leaping bunny cruelty-free logo. Again, there’s no mention of a palm oil ingredient on the packaging, but I’ll email them to make sure.

Hand wash is where I got let down with the Method Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash. Method’s products are naturally-derived, suitable for vegans and paraben-free, but this contains sodium lauryl sulphate and glycerine. Both of these are flagged with Palm Oil Investigations as possible palm oil names. I’ll contact Method to find out their palm oil positioning.

(Update: Method have replied to say the SLS and Glycerine in the hand wash is from coconut oil, so palm oil free!)


Overall I’d give myself an 7/10 for today. I lost focus at lunch and going on auto-pilot about your normal day is bound to cause slip ups. I am already feeling more aware of what I’m using throughout the day though, and I’m keen to get in touch with all of these manufacturers and get clear positioning from them on how their palm oil is sourced. I’ll share this here.



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