Gingerbread Confessions

Day two, and I’m being let down by my own lack of will power! The Co-operative mini Gingerbread Shapes were calling and they are only 40kcal each…but clearly labelled with palm oil as an ingredient. Boooo! The Rainforest Foundation do regard The Co-operative as a ‘Best Buy’ option in their Palm Oil Guide, but that doesn’t help me this month. Fail. 20160102_190620483_iOS

So how was the rest of Orangutanuary’s Day Two?

Getting Ready:

Today I experimented with a homemade shampoo and conditioning rinse. Using tips from DIY Natural I mixed bicarbonate of soda with water, and apple cyder vinegar with water, respectively. I did actually feel confident enough to wear my hair down and it felt nice and soft so not bad really.

I used my homemade lavender deodorant again and coconut oil on my skin. My face seems to be rejecting something though and I have terrible skin. I’m going to be so tempted to layer on the makeup tomorrow for our day out but I don’t know if any of it is palm oil free yet.

I did use my Optima whitening toothpaste and unfortunately this not only contains palm oil but Optima have emailed to say they have no confirmation of sustainable sources for this. I’m looking into alternatives. Recommendations for palm oil free toothpaste welcome!


I used my green fruity smoothie made yesterday as the base for a smoothie bowl and topped it with coconut, blueberries and kiwi. 20160102_115539497_iOS


Breakfast was so late thanks to a generous lie in from hubby that I didn’t really need a lunch. I had a couple of Warburton’s crumpets, vegan and palm oil free. One with my Dad’s homemade marmalade and one with Hartley’s strawberry jam. No spread. 20160102_145530591_iOS

I’ve also snacked on some Butterkist Sweet Cinema Style Popcorn this evening as mini Page and her baby doll had some for dessert. This is vegan and palm oil free. Hooray! Yes, I have a very sweet tooth!


I’ve got some of the Fry’s Quinoa Country Roast to finish and have prepped potato, red cabbage, broccoli, Brussel sprouts and carrots to have with it. I usually use Vitalite sunflower spread in my mashed potato, but Dairy Crest have confirmed the vegetable oil includes palm oil. I’ll add some olive oil tonight instead.

I’ve just poured a glass of The Co-operative’s Fairtrade Chardonnay-Viognier. It’s marked as suitable for vegans on the reverse and I’m pretty confident this must be palm oil free. Cheers!

I’m having  a bowl of fresh fruit, goji berries and Alpro custard for dessert. All vegan and palm oil free.

Around the home:

Do your weekends get swallowed up in housework? I really try not to let this happen and to get this done when Evie’s in childcare but with Christmas and the New Year we’re all out of synch and the bathrooms needed tackling. I’ve been using Method Pink Grapefruit Multi-Surface Non-Toxic Cleaner and this is vegan. However ingredients do cite Laureth-7 which I think can be palm oil. I’ll ask!

For polishing I’m still using Mr Sheen. Definitely not vegan unfortunately, but I’m not actually sure whether it contains palm oil. I’ll still email and ask so you have the info.


I think I’m still at a 7/10. There wasn’t any need to really eat the gingerbread but I am stuck for toothpaste and furniture polishing alternatives at the moment.

Aside from the palm oil challenge though, writing out my day like this makes it clear I probably eat far too many sweet things! It’s all sugar sugar sugar. I’ll try and up the veg tomorrow.


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