Lush to the rescue! Or are they?

A trip into Cambridge today was just what I needed to get that palm oil-heavy shower shelf sorted. I’m excited for Monday morning!


So what ended up in my basket?

Well thanks to a wonderfully helpful assistant in LUSH, who went hunting for all my palm oil ingredient answers, these were the recommendations:

Jason and the Argan Oil – shampoo bar – £5.95

Soak and Float – shampoo bar – £5.95

Veganese – conditioner – £4.75

Happy Hippy – shower gel – £3.95

Ocean Salt – face and body scrub – £7.95

I also bought a couple of soap bar tins at £2.50 each

I’ve hyperlinked out to LUSH’s website for each item. All of these products are vegan, either marked with the Vegan Society logo or stated on the ingredients label. Although the ingredients list items such as Glycerine and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) that Palm Oil Investigations flag to avoid, the assistant told me that her Manager had assured her there was no palm oil in their products.

My big concern about this was the SLS.

The glycerine is from rapeseed oil, explained here on their ingredients page. But the SLS page doesn’t identify a source.

Investigating their site a bit further I came across this article ‘Don’t stress about SLS’ which actually confirms their SLS can come from coconut or palm kernel oil. If this is the case, I shouldn’t have been sold these products as I was very clear my objective was to be 100% palm oil free. I even specifically asked about the SLS.

In addition, I can see that the conditioner contains Cetearyl Alcohol and the shower gel has Lauryl Betaine & Propylene Glycol. If these also turn out to be palm oil my shopping trip was wasted! I tweeted LUSH UK and USA in the hopes they could clarify the origin of the SLS in these products.

Luckily, this was LUSH Cosmetics’ response:


So, with relief, it looks like I can hit the showers and save some rainforest!



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