Hallelujah! It can be done!

January 12th 2016 – I cracked it; a complete palm oil free day. Shameful and shocking it took me 12 days (35 years?) to get there. Here’s how I managed it, and still actually lived a normal day.

Getting ready:

Well insomnia had hit hard, so being awake at 4am I decided to head off to shower while baby was sleeping. I had washed my hair two days previously with my Superdrug vegan-but-palm-oil-inclusive shampoo and conditioner, but today I washed with baking soda and water, and rinsed with apple cider vinegar and water.

I can cope with this, for a low key day, but I was hopeful my new shampoo would arrive soon! I put my hair back in the end, using Superdrug Firm Hairspray. There’s no ingredients in this that seem possible as palm oil derivatives. I use the Palm Oil Investigations list of names to cross-reference.

I brushed my teeth using coconut oil. Again, for an emergency this is bearable but I just can’t believe that really cleans anything. Another solution would be mixing up baking soda, salt and some mint essential oil in a recipe like this from diynatural.com so I’ve bought some peppermint and will get on making my own soon. I’ve also contacted Sarakan to see if their toothpaste is palm oil free, but no response yet.

I moisturised using coconut oil on my body and sweet almond oil on my face. I used my homemade deodorant, made to this recipe from Wellnessmama.com. I did read recently that baking soda can be an irritant, and I have been a little red and itchy at times so I’m going to keep a close eye on if this is the cause!

So there’s how I got clean, all vegan and palm oil free. While I’m pleased to be discovering the homemade recipes for self-care, I had hoped to have some more ‘official’ products in the bag by now. I really hope it won’t be long!



A 4am start calls for strong coffee! We’re drinking Grumpy Mule Café Feminino at the moment. The cafetiere was a birthday present for Hubs last year and I’d love to pretend we’re connoisseurs but we’re complete beginners in coffee! Unsurprising as we only manage about two cups all week. All I can say is this is Fair Trade, Organic, Vegan and lovely! I take coffee with Alpro soy or almond milk.

The mug by the way is an Emma Bridgewater special edition Ladybirds raising money for East Anglian Children’s Hospice.


This beautiful Ocado delivery arrived nice and early so I knew palm oil free food was going to be no problem this week. I used the beetroot and blueberries to make this gorgeous red smoothie. It also included 1 banana, 1 apple and 1/2 avocado. I had ordered these apples for the first time and they’re delicious! Really crisp, sweet and massive.


I’d ordered a few more Wright’s Baking bread mixes to try out, after learning they’re all palm oil free. Today I made the Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia. These mixes are so simple to follow, just adding water and sometimes oil, and I use the dough hook on my Kenwood Prospero Stand Mixer.

It really turned out quite well. It could have done with a little longer in the oven but I’m still learning just how ‘hollow’ a loaf is meant to sound! It’s not got that really crispy oily edge I think I imagine of focaccia, but it’s a tasty bread. It was quite big, so I’m worried about wasting leftovers. Any ideas for using it up appreciated!

I served it up with a homemade vegetable soup for lunch. This was Brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale and potatoes in vegetable stock. Some super greens there!

20160112_165106249_iOSAnd little E seemed to love it, finishing not only her own but stealing my bowl too!


I wasn’t very adventurous and just had soup again for dinner.



I swapped to using the Ecoegg for our laundry, and omitted any fabric softener. They confirmed on Twitter they’re vegan friendly and palm oil free.


I can’t see anything it really struggled with, and the baby food stains around the necks I normally just hang in the sunlight to fade anyway. If all of the products are ‘safe’ though I think I’ll give their stain remover and softener a go too. I just want to double check on their ingredients though as I see Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Glycerin and Laureth listed in the stain remover.

House cleaning

I had some Method washing up liquid in the grocery delivery which they have assured me is palm oil free. They say their SLS is from coconut and their glycerin is from corn.

The lemon and mint smells lovely, and you get a pretty good foam. It doesn’t last, but I’m discovering all the foaming we get used to in toothpastes, shampoos and cleaners is really the bed stuff!

We had blocked drain problem in our en-suite shower, and I really didn’t want to resort to the harsh chemical, animal-tested products so I did my best to trust in baking soda and vinegar.

I tried a couple of times and it ended up blocking completely after the second! I tried a third time once the water had drained a few hours later and thought I’d leave it up to Hubs to make the call on if he’d let the natural solution win. It wasn’t good enough for him though, and to be fair, it really hadn’t cleared. I wouldn’t let him use the Mr Muscle until the next day though – nothing was ruining my palm oil free day!

I think prevention is definitely going to be better than cure on this one, so I’m going to get a drain protector to catch my hair, and do a weekly baking soda treatment. I hope it keep us off the Mr Muscle in future. If you’ve a good drain clearing solution I’d love to hear it.

I did use baking soda and vinegar in all the toilet bowls and the bath drain and it worked brilliantly. It even shifted some stubborn limescale staining we had in the bath.

For other surface cleaning I’ve brought some spray bottles and will mix up some baking soda, vinegar and lemon oil. I’ll let you know how I get on.


So there you have it. With generous doses of baking soda, lots of fresh food and a couple of new products I did achieve a palm oil free day! I think, I like to think. Anyone think I missed something?

Tell me how you’re doing reducing your reliance on palm oil.










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