Food Glorious (Vegan Palm Oil Free) Food

Now I don’t like to claim to be a food blogger. I don’t really take beautifully lit food photos and I’m not going to start writing out recipes. I just want to share that eating vegan and palm oil free this month has been so easy and delicious!


Smoothies, smoothie bowls, chia pudding, pancakes, porridge (chocolate porridge!), cereal, toast, scrambled tofu…definitely don’t miss your brekkie!



I use a Nutribullet for my smoothies and nicecream and have found it such a brilliant gadget. It’s fast and powerful, and so easy to clean. Even better was that I bought it with Tesco Clubcard vouchers so no ££. 🙂


Soup! Nothing easier than boiling whatever veg is in the fridge in some vegetable stock and blitzing. The bread here is a Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia mix from Wrights Baking.


I’ve also had more of my main meals at lunchtime, especially on the days when I’m home without the baby as there’s been more time to experiment. Pasta or courgetti/zoodles and lots of veg. Blending avocado with lemon and olive oil makes a lovely creamy sauce. Vegan sausages like Taifun Tofu-Wiener are excellent for some substance too.

I like to sprinkle on a little nutritional yeast (nooch) or cashew parmesan for B vitamins. 20160113_111732070_iOS


Roasting veggies at lunchtime is a great way to be prepared for the evening too. And the Nutribullet came in handy here too for blitzing beetroot and carrot with vegetable stock to mix into my couscous. Salad is always a winner, and I love to challenge myself to cover the whole rainbow.



This photo is of an exciting new product I’ve found, called Mheat from Sgaia Foods. It’s a seitan steak. I cooked it here with onions, mushrooms and soy sauce.

20160115_193838345_iOSDinner can still come from the freezer or a tin too! Fry’s Family Foods sell a wide range of vegan, palm-oil-free, meat substitutes. We love the chicken style strips and nuggets. Bird’s Eye are also handy to stock up with for frozen vegetable fingers and potato waffles. And there’s so many varieties of tinned beans available now you could have a different legume protein hit every night.

Burgers and curries are all easy for dinner. Bolognese was super simple using soya mince and a packet sauce. You can add meat alternatives like Marigold Braised Tofu too.

I make brown rice and lentil burgers using a recipe from the Chloe’s Kitchen cook book. The recipe has been copied here but I urge you to check out her website for amazing meal ideas. Our chips are just sliced potatoes, quickly par-boiled, shaken once cooled, sprayed with Fry Light and oven baked. Sometimes I add a seasoning too.


If I don’t get a pizza made for me at Tesco or Asda then making our own is really easy too. I use a packet dough mix and just top with tomato puree, vegetables and Violife cheese.

If you missed it, here’s some of the indulgent puddings I’ve been enjoying:

And palm oil free vegan snacks are covered here:

Anyway, I think it’s clear we’ve not gone hungry so far in Orangutanuary. And we haven’t HAD to make everything from scratch, although it’s always going to be healthier and more satisfying to!

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 “Eat The Rainbow Not The Morgue” – @TiBrownx


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