Can I brush my teeth palm oil free? Yes I Sarakan!

Haha, so my titular puns may be weak, but my resolve to live palm oil free is getting even stronger.

Aside from makeup, one of my hardest cosmetic products to swap out was toothpaste. Last year I realised I had to find a vegan toothpaste and for this I headed to Holland and Barrett who sell quite a variety. I’d initially settled on Optima Aloe Dent Whitening toothpaste. Unfortunately, when I started investigating ingredients for this month of Orangutanuary, I discovered that not only does Optima use palm oil derived glycerine, they have no guarantee this comes from sustainable sources.

Initially I bought some Miaroma peppermint pure essential oil, and mixed with salt and baking soda to make my own tooth cleaner. I used this recipe from, but using half quantities so I didn’t waste too much if it wasn’t for me.

The recipe does say you can eliminate the salt, and maybe it takes some getting used to as it made me gag! The peppermint aftertaste is refreshing and my teeth feel smooth and clean. The consistency I mixed to was maybe too runny as it dripped all down my top as I was brushing, so lean over the sink if you’re trying this at home! I’ll try again, maybe play with adding more peppermint, see if it helps balance the saltiness. Let me know if you have a good mix to share.


Eventually on the hunt for a commercial product I found reference to a toothpaste called Sarakan. Their website says:

Sarakan dental care contains natural extract of Salvadora persica, also known as the toothbrush tree – renowned for its powerful antiseptic and beneficial properties. Salvadora has in its natural state as twigs, been used for centuries as an effective way to help keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Sarakan’s unique formula uses this valuable natural extract to help clean, freshen and restore teeth’s natural colour and help keep gums healthy too.

Salvadora persica -nature’s toothbrush

Most reviews have said the flavour (natural oils of peppermint, clove and geranium) takes some getting used to, but I don’t mind it at all. It’s stranger having a toothpaste that doesn’t foam, due to the lack of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). But even that isn’t a deal-breaker.

The tube advises brushing regularly, whereas most brands I’ve used before tend to recommend a twice daily routine. It makes me wonder if Sarakan should be used more regularly than this. I’ve emailed them to ask.

I think this is a good toothpaste option. I’ve a dental check-up in April and I’ll use it daily until then and report back on the dentist’s assessment of my fluoride-free routine!




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