What food swaps am I making?

In going palm oil free I’ve had to give up some regular products since their manufacturers confirmed the presence of palm oil. So what have I swapped to?


I was buying Alpro yogurt, but this contains palm oil derived Ascorbyl Palmitate. So I’ve swapped to Provamel. More expensive unfortunately as £1.99 vs £1.35 at Ocado.


We were using Dairy Crest’s Vitalite or Kerry Foods’ Pure Spreads, but all these contain palm oil. There doesn’t seem to be much between them in how much work they’re doing to ensure responsible sourcing. Both are members of the RSPO, and say they’re working towards 100% sustainability. Tesco Free From Soya Spread and KoKo Spread both contain palm oil too. With these options I have stuck with Vitalite for my husband and toddler, as he prefers the flavour, but have just stopped using spread myself. For baking I have used rapeseed oil.


After learning they were all suitable for vegans I was more than happy to stock up on Bourbons, Oreos, Fox’s Party Rings, Pink Wafers and chocolate chip digestives. However, all these contain palm oil and I’ve not spoken with any of the manufacturers yet about their sourcing. So, if I’m not baking the biscuits myself, I’ve found the only ones we can buy are McVitie’s Rich Tea or Digestives Lights.

Ice Cream:

Well not legally ice cream, since there’s obviously no cow’s milk cream, but we were mad fans of Unilever’s Swedish Glace Frozen Dessert. Uniever couldn’t tell me straight if this particular product contains palm oil, even though I asked multiple times for a clear answer, but instead just assured me all palm oil they use is covered by Green Palm certificates and from traceable sources. Instead, we’re going to try Booja Booja ice cream alternative. BB are a completely palm oil free company. Their ice cream is nearly three times the price of Swedish Glace though, at £5.99 for 500ml vs £2.20 for 750ml. When we’re not feeling flush banana nicecream it is!

nicecreamimage: FullyRaw.com


We weren’t really loyal to any particular brand of bread. Anything wholemeal, granary or seeded. Warburton’s make some palm oil free vegan bread: White Danish and the Weight Watchers range. We’re going to try the WW and see if it meets family approval! I’m also buying Wright’s Baking mixes to bake fresh at home. Who knows, I might even progress to completely homemade!



No changes to make here. Since Nestle use sheep-derived vitamin D we buy supermarket own brand versions of multigrain hoops (Cheerios) and malted wheats (Shreddies), and these are all palm oil free. I wanted to buy some muesli, so chose Dorset Cereals but you could opt for Jordans, Rude Health or many others. Avoid Alpen however as this contains milk.


I used to buy Linda McCartney sausages, and I’m really going to miss them as they were delicious. Unfortunately they use palm oil, and have also stated in the past that the palm oil fractions they use can’t be guaranteed sustainable. I’m going to try VBites Lincolnshire Sausages instead.


We have Bisto Original granules at home at the moment, but I’ve found Marigold Vegetarian Gravy is palm oil free. Premier Foods couldn’t clarify if their palm oil was 100% sustainable as the prepared statement I was sent was out of date, and until that point they had been using Green Palm certificated to cover unsustainable product.


I hope this helps you make some palm oil free and vegan changes to your meals. Let me know what you’ve swapped recently.



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