NOTHS has your chocolate covered

I love Not On The High Street. We even had a wedding list with them. But I do wish finding vegan chocolate was easier with them.

Now don’t search on the term ‘vegan chocolate’ as you get every listing for chocolate that states it is ‘not suitable for vegans’ too. Highly frustrating!

You can search simply for ‘dark chocolate’ and browse, but this still includes lots of unsuitable products and takes ages. So here are some of my favourites I found while looking for Easter chocolate alternatives to eggs.

Cocoa Hernando Dark Chocolate Discs with Mandarin or Raspberries £10
Oooh Chocolate Dark Chocolate with Raspberries & Blackberries £7
Personalised Dark Chococard £11

A greetings card and gift in one. Make sure you check the toppings don’t include milk when you select your options!


73% Dark Chocolate Fondue Pot with Orange £12


The Chocolate Library Funny Easter Chocolate Bar £5.95

Although this image shows milk chocolate they come in 70% dark chocolate, dark chocolate with peppermint, and dark chocolate with raspberry.

I’ve saved the best for last. How beautiful are these Schokolat chocolate tools? I’m sure you’d find one perfect for whichever profession/pastime your recipient enjoys. £11.95-£25.95.

By the way, I only scrolled through six pages. No one has time to search every 612 dark chocolate food items to see which are suitable for vegans. Not On The High Street – PLEASE add a filter!



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