Vegan & Palm Oil Free Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday is only a couple of weeks away so I’ve already started my Easter egg hunt. I’m looking for vegan and palm oil free eggs, or other Easter themed chocolate treats for my niblings (great word – means nephews and nieces), husband, daughter and of course myself.

The beautiful thing about dark chocolate appears to be it very rarely contains palm oil! But if you are unsure which ingredients to look out for, check against this useful list from Palm Oil Investigations.


Meaningful Chocolate have extended their Real Easter Egg range to include a dark chocolate version. Made with minimum 71% cocoa solids, it is Fairtrade and comes with three mini chocolate squares too. It also includes a cross-shaped storyboard telling the original Bible Easter story.

One of my nieces is Christian and I’ve seen her receive this brand before so I’ll definitely be ordering her one of these. If you only want one then try Embrace The Middle East, or for multiples the best price seems to be with Eden.

Lots of you may have already seen the flurry of excitement on social media from the lucky subscribers to The Vegan Kind’s monthly snack box. This month it included a vegan crème egg from Considerit Chocolate. Yes, a vegan crème egg! They sell for £1.90 each or 3 for £5. This is likely to be a hit for my nephews and might end up on my own wish-list.

PLEASE NOTE: – Last orders midnight 15th March!

Considerit Chocolate also sell beautiful handmade Belgian chocolate Easter eggs, each uniquely decorated in gold and chocolate. These are £8.50 and I think ideal for a partner or parent. And an Easter bunny chocolate lolly for the children, at £1.95. All of Considerit’s chocolate is handmade in the UK, dairy free and vegan.

If I can find one I’m definitely getting my daughter a Moo Free Bunnycomb Bar. At the time of writing they have limited stock on Goodness Direct at 85p each.

PETA has released its own Easter egg recommendations. Vegan chocolate staple brands like Montezumas, Booja Booja, Choices and Plamil feature alongside supermarket own brand Free From items.


Whilst they’ve highlighted the Booja Booja Fine de Champagne Easter Egg, my personal preference would be for the Hazelnut Crunch. It’s sold in Holland and Barret’s buy one get one half price offer, so you’d get two for £14.98. The egg itself is not chocolate, but the organic chocolate truffles are packed into a handmade egg handpainted in Kashmir, India. This would make a nice keepsake and future Easter decoration. If you buy from Booja Booja you also know you’re supporting a completely vegan business.

The ASDA (£3) and Sainsbury’s (£2.50) eggs both appear palm oil free, with ASDA offering my personal favourite of orange chocolate, and Sainsbury’s offering white chocolate. It’s always useful to know your local supermarket can cater too and these won’t break the bank.


I love the novel idea from Hotel Chocolat of an egg sandwich! It’s an expensive sarnie at £10, although if you buy three they reduce to £9 each.


If you’re more inclined to ration your chocolate intake, like my husband, you might prefer their City Bunnies. £5.50 for 16. I think these would be perfect for him.


I believe Green and Black’s is a popular brand for dark chocolate lovers so you could choose the thick shelled dark chocolate egg. Planet Organic have it on offer of buy one get one half price, so you’d get two for £13.98.

There’s masses more choice out there, so please go and browse the ranges at Holland and Barret, Vegan Town, Ethical Superstore or Goodness Direct.

Jack-n-Jill-organic-toothpaste-5-flavoursAll that chocolate too much for your little one’s teeth? Why not also treat them to a Jack N’ Jill bunny toothbrush and rinse cup? Biodegradable, made of cornstarch and suitable from the first tooth. Their fruit-flavoured toothpaste is also organic and palm oil free. Win!!




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