My name is Danielle Page and I’m mum to Evie and wife to Simon. We live in the Cambridgeshire village of Somersham, with our cat Toby.

I’ve been trying to follow a vegan lifestyle since signing up for the Vegan Society 30 Day Pledge in March 2015. I’d love to have an official Veganniversary but I can’t really pinpoint an exact date it all stuck!

Our daughter is now being raised vegan, and our home is vegan, apart from Simon’s takeaways!


Becoming a mum opened my eyes to the immense responsibility of providing a compassionate, healthy and safe future for my daughter. I realised I couldn’t teach her why we love one animal yet eat the next, because I didn’t understand it myself. All life deserves our respect and I hope she will learn to live a life full of joy and love and make a positive impact on the world around her.


I hope you enjoy following our journey!

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