Oreo. What’s your flavour? Original, double stuffed, thins, strawberry shortcake or maybe peanut butter? Many a vegan happily crunched and munched through a packet, blissful in their dairy-free deliciousness. But, what of Endangered Orangutan flavour, Deforestation flavour, Forest Fire flavour – still as appetising?

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Avoiding palm oil – soy annoying!

Volunteering this weekend at the Thrive Vegan Festival in Peterborough, I chatted with attendees concerned with swapping dairy butter products for vegetable oil spreads, due to the palm oil content. Quite rightly they don’t want to swap one animal-harming product for another. So what can we do?


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Palm Oil Free Vegan Advent Calendars

Can we advent palm oil free? Yes we can!

Obviously we can go chocolate-free too. For my daughter we’re filling a giant pocket Santa (similar to this one from Not On The High Street), with second-hand Christmas theme playmobil.


But struggling to open the little carboard doors, seeing what festive picture you get and what shape your mini chocolate breakfast treat is…that’s fun we all enjoy! Luckily, with interest in veganism rising rapidly and retailers clamouring to supply increasing numbers of dairy-free customers, we can definitely indulge this Christmas. And even better, chocolate seems to be one of the easiest food-stuffs to find without palm oil. Continue reading Palm Oil Free Vegan Advent Calendars

Alpro Go On Yogurts

(18/04/16) Having had some great news from Alpro this morning I am updating this post!…20160411_111023080_iOS

Have you heard of the new Alpro yogurts called Go On? I was keen to try them having seen a few positive reviews. They come in blackcurrant, mango and passion fruit flavours and I bought mine from Ocado on a 4 for £3 deal. So how are they? Continue reading Alpro Go On Yogurts

Vegan & Palm Oil Free Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday is only a couple of weeks away so I’ve already started my Easter egg hunt. I’m looking for vegan and palm oil free eggs, or other Easter themed chocolate treats for my niblings (great word – means nephews and nieces), husband, daughter and of course myself.

The beautiful thing about dark chocolate appears to be it very rarely contains palm oil! But if you are unsure which ingredients to look out for, check against this useful list from Palm Oil Investigations.

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Mrs O’s Fuss Free Mixes – Vegan and Palm Oil Free

I love the connections you make on Twitter. I love the conversations you never thought you’d have and people you never expect to meet. And I love a competition! Last week I won a ‘he who tweets first’ content for a free cake mix of my choice from Mrs O’s Fuss Free Mixes. Honestly, I was going to stop baking so much, really!

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Food Glorious (Vegan Palm Oil Free) Food

Now I don’t like to claim to be a food blogger. I don’t really take beautifully lit food photos and I’m not going to start writing out recipes. I just want to share that eating vegan and palm oil free this month has been so easy and delicious! Continue reading Food Glorious (Vegan Palm Oil Free) Food

Hallelujah! It can be done!

January 12th 2016 – I cracked it; a complete palm oil free day. Shameful and shocking it took me 12 days (35 years?) to get there. Here’s how I managed it, and still actually lived a normal day. Continue reading Hallelujah! It can be done!