Hallelujah! It can be done!

January 12th 2016¬†– I cracked it; a complete palm oil free day. Shameful and shocking it took me 12 days (35 years?) to get there. Here’s how I managed it, and still actually lived a normal day. Continue reading Hallelujah! It can be done!


The official LUSH statements

After fighting to get some honest answers on just how palm oil free LUSH really is, I was read this prepared statement over the phone, and then emailed it from the store too.

“Palm oil is a tricky one, it’s a very complicated subject and palm has roots in the most ‘innocent’ seeming of places. It can be listed and sold legally as ‘vegetable’ oil. It’s present as ‘vegetable oil’ in many foods, and the general public can be seemingly unaware that they’re eating it. Continue reading The official LUSH statements

Lush Lies – Trick or Treat

Saying I’m disappointed is not enough. Such an enormous corporation should not be making PR errors like this. Should not be misleading thousands of customers every day. Should not be failing to educate their staff. LUSH is not palm oil free, and need to stop telling people they are! Continue reading Lush Lies – Trick or Treat

Who’s helping me help them?

I don’t think I will get through a month of completely palm-oil free living without the inspiration and guidance of some awesome vegan people and palm-oil awareness websites.

So who is educating me and helping me to help the orang-utans (and elephants, rhinoceros & tigers)? Continue reading Who’s helping me help them?