Food Glorious (Vegan Palm Oil Free) Food

Now I don’t like to claim to be a food blogger. I don’t really take beautifully lit food photos and I’m not going to start writing out recipes. I just want to share that eating vegan and palm oil free this month has been so easy and delicious! Continue reading Food Glorious (Vegan Palm Oil Free) Food


Hallelujah! It can be done!

January 12th 2016 – I cracked it; a complete palm oil free day. Shameful and shocking it took me 12 days (35 years?) to get there. Here’s how I managed it, and still actually lived a normal day. Continue reading Hallelujah! It can be done!

Always read the ingredients!

I thought I was being really clever yesterday. We were heading out for a day’s shopping and I was worried about the food choices I’d get. So I prepared a load of raw veggie sticks and a pot of homemade sun-dried tomato hummus. Sounds good, right? Healthy, nutritious, and all homemade, so must be palm oil free? Continue reading Always read the ingredients!